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Interlocking Foam Puzzle Mats

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This Handy tool shows you the dimensions, materials and cost of creating a mat of almost any dimension using our standard tile sizes and border system.

Enter your desired mat Dimensions

Use general sizes like 8 X 10 feet, or specific dimensions in feet and inches. (i.e. 12 feet, 6 inches or 12.5 feet or 150 Inches  are all the same).  After entering your dimensions, select the "Close Fit" button to make a simple area mat (most common), or the "Exact Fit" button if you need to fit your entered dimensions exactly.


Feet Inches


Feet Inches

Select the type of mat you want to make

  I don't want to have to cut any tiles, so use standard tile sizes and borders.  It's OK if the mat is a little off my entered dimensions.    It's a wall-to-wall type installation or I just have to fit the exact dimensions of a room or other space. Show me how to trim a mat to fit my space.
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